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Spreading worldwide
J.S. on 02/29/2008 at 11:40am (UTC)
 Szeged, February 29, 2008

In order to spread worldwide the ideas, noble and humanitarian postulates of the Order and in order of enlargement of the International Association of National Knight Orders, His Honor - Great Chancellor Andrej Schleining, gave recently the authorization to following gentlemen:

Mr. Jan Oberda from Poland,
Mr. Jo from Peoples Republic of China,
Mr. Russell Preston from United States of America,
Mr. Maxim Perepelica Maxim from Ukraine,
Mr. Vladislav Simanovichus from Latvia, and
Mr. Jan Mishura from Slovakia

Their primary task will be to establish national prefectures of the Order in their countries and make them operational as soon as possible.

The newest donation
J.S. on 02/21/2008 at 12:46pm (UTC)
 In accordance with the most noble and essential postulates of the Pro Concordatia Popopulorum Order, and wishing to contribute to the better understanding among various people and various nations, His Honor Andrej Schleining - the Great Chancellor of the Order, has donated recently the sum of 100 thousand Rubles (cca. 3.000 Euros) to the Cathedral Church of "Vladimirskaya ikona bozhiey materi" in the city of Liski in the district of Voronyezh.

The funds were contributed for repainting of the facade of the Cathedral Church. The Reverend of the Cathedral Church has been asked to pray for the souls of Hungarian soldiers who have fallen in battles of the Second World War in this area.

The local Episcopate expressed its gratitude with a written thanksgiving to the Great Chancellor for his noble deed.

Festivity in Belgrade
J.S. on 01/24/2008 at 2:40pm (UTC)
  Belgrade, January 11, 2008

Her Honor, the Great Dame of the International Association of National Knight Orders "Ordines Internationales Pro Concordatia Populorum" Ursula Fronz - the widow of the first Grand Master His Excellency late Friedrich O. Fronz, has handed over the bust of her late husband to recent Grand Master - His Excellency Neđeljko Gardašević, as her personal gift to the International Association. The modest ceremony of hand over has been arranged prior the session of unofficial Great Capitol held at the premises of the International Association in Belgrade on January 11, 2008. Almost all members of the General Prefecture of Serbia have attended the ceremony. The academic painter - brother Tomislav Petrović donated his canvas depicting Belgrade to Great dame as a present of the General Prefecture of Serbia to her.

Recent Diplomatic activities of the high-ranking dignitaries of the Order
J.S. on 01/22/2008 at 12:12pm (UTC)
 Autumn - winter 2007

The prefect of South Hungary - His Honor Nagy Zoltan performed in recent months very fruitful diplomatic missions to the Caribbean (Cuba) and South America (Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru), as well as within Europe to San Marino and Serbia.

International Association of National Knight Orders intents to expand its activities to South America, and this diplomatic visit served the purpose to examine the possibilities of establishing prefectures in that countries.

Certificate of Record
J.S. on 01/10/2008 at 1:35pm (UTC)
 Belgrade - November 20, 2007

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Republic of Serbia has introduced the International Association of National Knight Orders "Ordines Internationales Pro Concordatia Populorum" into its Records. In the issued Certificate of Record, under number 34407, the Ministry gave its support and approval for acctivities and projects of the Association within whole territory of Republic of Serbia.

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