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Romania 2014
J.S. on 10/21/2014 at 1:52pm (UTC)
 International Association of National Knight Orders "Ordines Internationales Pro Concordatia Populorum" has held its schedulled initiation of new knights and dames on September 27, 2014 in the Romanian city of Sfantu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy). Altogether six new knights were initiated. The organizer and hosting Order of this year ceremony was the PCO of Romania.

Photos from the event could be seen on the "Gallery" page.

The initiation ceremony in Montenegro
J.S. on 11/02/2013 at 4:20pm (UTC)
 Cetinje, Montenegro - October 5, 2013

The traditional initiation ceremony of new knights of the Order was held on 5 October this year, for the first time in Montenegro - specifically its capital Cetinje, at the old royal parliament ceremonial hall. This time it six new knights were initiated (two Serbs, one Chinese, one Hungarian, one Romanian and one Montenegrin).

Among the dignitaries of fraternal orders, the guest of honor was His grace prof. Popper Gyorgy, Lieutenant General and Prime Minister KMFAP.

Prior to the beginning of the initiation, His Grace, prof. Popper handed over the high decorations of KMFAP to His Excellency Nedjeljko Gardashevich the Grand Master of PCO, and to His Honor Schleining Andrej the Grand Chancellor of PCO.

Furthermore, His Excellency Grand Master Gardashevich and the general Prefecture of Montenegro have organized a generous program for guests and participants of the ceremony, such as visiting natural and cultural heritage of this part of Montenegro.

In the evening, after the ceremony, gala dinner was held at the hotel "Vile Oliva" in Petrovac, in the vicinity of the historic town of Budva.

During the gala dinner, the significant amount of 1,500 EUR was collected as humanitarian aid for one poor family from Cetinje. The donation is collected through the sale of the icon donated by a painter and graphic artist Zorica Djordjevic, the dame of the Order, and through voluntary contributions of the present guests.

Photos from the ceremony and gala dinner can be seen in the gallery.

Recent humanitarian and donor actions of the Oder and its members
J.S. on 06/11/2013 at 5:23pm (UTC)
 May, 2013

On May 18 of the current year, the Hungarian section of the International Association of National Chivalric Orders, in cooperation with TKTV-Szeged, has organized a Charity Concert and Ball in favor of Private Music School of the city of Makó, Hungary.

The Performer of the concert was a brass orchestra of Private Music School Mako. The orchestra was conducted by the schools' owner and principal maestro Dr. Csikota József.

In addition to the many spectators, the concert was attended by Mr. Birta János - the member of EU Concile and president of NORECI, Dr.Buzás Péter - the Lord Mayor of the city of Makó with city officials, His excellency Julio César Cancio Ferrer - the ambasador of Cuba, certain number of foreign guests, as well as many other local dignitaries and members of the Order.

The donor ball which followed immediately after the concert was attended by more than 120 persons, members of the order, as well as 14 guests from Serbia led by General Prefect of Serbia.

The distinguished role in the organisation of the both of the events have had our honorable brother Nagy Zoltán.

(The photos of the events can be viewed in the gallery)

Somehow at the same time, the newcomer to the Serbian general prefecture of International Association of National chivalric orders - Pro Concordatia Populorum, honorable brother Dušan Beić, the owner of BETEX company, crowned his joining the Order with a nice donor gesture .

Brother Beic donated set of 80 shirts and 50 track suits to the women's team of basketball club from the Serbian city of Ruma. The donation has been made at the right time because the women's team managed to qualify to the national championship and to win the third place.

Humanitarian actions of Serbian Order of "Societa-Ordine Pro Concordatia Populorum"
J.S. on 03/06/2013 at 8:19pm (UTC)
 Belgrade, February 2013

On 24. February 2013 the Serbian Order of "Societa-Ordine Pro Concordatia Populorum" has donated the packages of pastry products to 60 severely disabled children who are members of the "Blue Shell" association, one of the largest Serbian association that takes care of these children.

Value of the donation was 1500 euro. This is made possible thanks to the owners of "Banini" and "Stark" plants.

The action was clearly well received by the press and public, and published in several newspapers. The description of the event can also be found on the web site of the "Blue shell" association. The children expressed their gratitude with the gifts that they made by themselves.

Also, on February 26, the Serbian National day of Book, the delegation of Serbian Order, led by its general prefect, honorable Mrs. Ljiljana Mihajlovic, accompanied by their honors prefect of Belgrade and prefect of Sumadija, visited children suffering from cancer at the Institute of Radiology of Serbia and donated them books. As a sign of gratitude the children staged short program, and gifted the general prefect with the dedication in very lyric maner.

The donation value was estimated at 1,500 euros. This donation also had a great echo in the local media, which means that The Order slowly became known in Serbia.

The photos of above events can be found in the Gallery site under Humanitarian actions of Serbian Order of "Societa-Ordine Pro Concordatia Populorum" title.

Laying of the wreath of International Association of National Knight Orders "Ordines Internationales Pro Concordatia Populorum" at the memorial park “Šumarice” in Kragujevac
J.S. on 10/30/2012 at 4:09pm (UTC)
 Kragujevac, October 24, 2012

It has become a tradition for the International Association of National Knight Orders "Ordines Internationales Pro Concordatia Populorum" to lay a wreath at the monument of the victims of the pogrom made by Nazis in 1941 in Kragujevac.

This year, on October 21, in the memorial park "Šumarice", the wreaths were laid by president of Serbia Mr. Tomislav Nikolic, Serbian Prime Minister, senior representatives of state and local authorities, as well as by representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Serbia, and by representatives of various NGOs.

This year, for the first time, at the ceremony was also present the Ambassador of Germany, who laid a wreath on behalf of the government and the people of Germany.

The wreath of the International Association of National Knight Orders "Ordines Internationales Pro Concordatia Populorum" was laid by His Honor Andrej Schleining – the great chancellor of PCO and Her Honor Ljiljana Kaplarevich – Mihajlovich – the general prefect of Serbia.

Photos from the ceremony can be seen in Gallery folder under “Sumarice 2012”.

Initiation ceremony at city of Arandjelovac - Serbia on September 15, 2012
J.S. on 09/19/2012 at 2:12pm (UTC)
 International Association of National Knight Orders “Ordines Internationales Pro Concordatia Populorum” has held the initiation ceremony of new knights and dames and new dignitaries of the Order at the city of Arandjelovac – Serbia.

The Grand Master of the Order – His Excellency Nedjeljko Gardasevic has initiated new knights and dames. After initiating the new knights His Excellency also promoted several dignitaries of the Order such as one major, six new prefects and three new general prefects.

The newly promoted dignitaries of the Order are:
 Zoran Djordjevic – as major,
 Dragan Arandjelovic – as prefect of Sumadija,
 Katarina Djordjevic – as prefect of Arandjelovac,
 Karoly Fekete – as prefect of Vojvodina,
 Aleksandar Markovic – as prefect of Belgrade,
 Milorad Martinovic - as prefect of Cetinje,
 Jovanovic Aleksandar - as prefect of the Coast.
 Szugyi Gyorgy – as general prefect of Hungary,
 Vladislav Popovic – as general prefect of Montenegro, and
 Ljiljana Kaplarevic – Mihajlovic – as general prefect of Serbia

After the ceremony was completed several new candidates have expressed their wish to join the Order at the next initiation.

During the ceremony His Excellency Gardašević handed the commemorative plaque of the event to the owner of the restaurant "Alexander" and a newly promoted prefect of Arandjelovac her honor Katarina Djordjevic.

Since the foundation of the Order many decades ago, for the first time, the newly promoted knights and dignitaries were decorated with 18k gold plated insignias.

The ceremony was held at the exclusive restaurant "Alexander" - a former guest house of the royal house of Karadjordjevic, and was organized by general Prefecture of Serbia and supervision of her honor Ljiljana Kaplarevic – Mihajlovic the general prefect of Serbia.

The photos from the ceremony can be seen in the Gallery.


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