Our History


September 26, 1961
Foundation of "INTERNATIONAL ORDER FOR SOCIETY OF COMMUNICATION OF NATIONS" in the United States of America and registration No. 7512293 by Antoni G. Zyngale New York, N.Y. 10034 - 1793 Riverside drive.

November 07, 1973
Establishment of the Austrian general prefecture by Prof. Friedrich O. Fronz - 1030 Vienna, Landstrasser Hauptsrasse 33, and registration in the Austrian Register of Associations at the Federal Police Directorate of Vienna.

May 09, 1976
Election of Prof. Friedrich O. Fronz for the Grand Master of the PCO.



July 22, 1976
The Pope Paul II gave the apostolic blessing to the work for the purposes of the understanding among nations.

December 21, 1976
Dr. Kurt Waldheim, The General Secretary of the United Nations recognizes the efforts of the PCO towards the understanding among nations.

April 19, 1986
Foundation of the general prefecture of Germany, protection of trademarks of the Order sign and script.

October 18, 1986
Foundation of the general prefecture Switzerland.

May 13, 1988
Registration by Austrian Patent Office.

May 11, 1989
Registration of the Order in France by the TRIBUNAL D'INSTANCE of Strasbourg.

February, 1990
Registration of the Order in Hungary by Imre Barca

March 19, 1990
Change of name to INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR PEOPLE UNDERSTANDING "PRO CONCORDATIA POPULORUM", and foundation the Austrian Society for understanding among Nations by Nat. Council. Dr. Josef Höchtl in Klosterneuburg which works till this day very actively.

August 29, 1990
Death of the Grand Master Prof. Friedrich O. Fronz

December 15, 1990
The Great Capitol was held in Seewen – Switzerland, for the election of new Grand Master. The general prefect of Switzerland Jan Lüthy was chosen unanimously.

June 01, 1991
International Order celebration in Hamburg, Germany.

September 28, 1991
Investiture in Eger - Hungary.

March 28, 1992
General Capitol in Strasbourg.

November 06, 1992
Order celebration in Eger, Hungary

February 12, 1993
Donations for Szeged old people's home

April 16, 1993
Report about direct donations.

April 20, 1993
Help to refugees

June 12, 1993
Order party in Vienna, Austria.

October 09, 1993
Order celebration in Szeged

December, 1993
Grand Master’s report concerning relief operations

April 16, 1994
Grand Master's report concerning relief operations

September 17, 1994
Order celebration in Switzerland

October 06, 1994
Donation action in Szeged hospital, Hungary

October 14, 1994
Charity ball in Eger, Hungary

January 05, 1995
Help to refugee children in Szeged, Hungary

April 25, 1995
Order celebration in Escherich, Germany

October 19, 1995
Charity ball in Eger, Hungary

April 27, 1996
Order celebration in Aggtelek, Hungary

October 26, 1996
Order ball Eger, Hungary

April 26, 1997
Order celebration in Vienna. Handing over of the bus for disabled persons "St. Martin".

August 08, 1998
Order party in Saint Gotthart, Switzerland

November 21, 1998
Order ball in Eger, Hungary

November 11, 2000
Order celebration in Budapest, Hungary

October 13, 2001
Order celebration in Szeged

May 18, 2002
Order celebrations in Belgrade, Serbia

November 09, 2002
 Order celebration in Eger, Hungary

May 17, 2003
Order party in Pannonhalma, Hungary

September 20, 2003
Order celebration in Fruška Gora mountains above the city of Novi Sad, Serbia

November 15, 2003
Order ball in Eger, Hungary

December, 2003
Almanac, Hungarian

September 25, 2004
Order party in Vienna, Austria

May 14, 2005
Order party in Eger, Hungary

September 17, 2005
Order party in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

November, 2005
Order party in Eger, Hungary

May 27, 2006
Order party in St. Georg - Romania

March 3, 2007
Representatives of Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Russia and Serbia & Montenegro have signed the Resolution of establishment of the International Association of National Knight Orders “Ordines Internationales Pro Concordatia Populorum”. His Excellency Neđeljko Gardašević has been elected for new Grand Master.

June, 2007                                
Ordensfeier in Weilburg, Deutschland

September 22, 2007
Order celebration in Tápiószentmárton, Hungary and inauguration of His Excellency Neđeljko Gardašević as new Grand Master.
January 11, 2008
At the festivity and non official meeting of the Great Capitol held in Belgrade, the Great Dame Ursula Fronz handed over the bust of the first Grand Master - the late Friedrich O. Fronz as her present to Association. Almost all members of the General Prefecture of Serbia were present at the ceremony.


Who We Are?
We are a non government, non profit, humanitarian organization.

Our goal is to spread understanding among people of diferent heritage, various social, religious, cultural and political background.

We are open for all pro democracy oriented people and all those who are ready to help all others to whom their help is needed.
Where you can find us?
We are located at:

11077 Belgrade,
17, Partizanske avijacije Street

Phone/Fax: +381 11 228 5918
Mobile: +381 63 10 111 25
E-mail: inter-pco@sbb.rs,

The office is runned by brother Jovan Stojkov, the secretary of the Association.
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